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Lot 2 - HRR Franchise 8211

Birth Date: 02/28/18  Reg #: 3954915  Cat: 1A 100%

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HRR Franchise 8211 highlights what we found in his sire, Spur Franchise of Garton to be so enticing. Balanced performance, attractive smooth phenotype, efficiency, calving ease and strong angus breed character with a dark red color. Many traits that we feel are important to the cow calf producer while providing a shot of top of the breed carcass genetics.   His young dam, HRR Mona 428, fits the profile of what we strive for in our herd.  In a challenging environment we are content to keep our focus on balanced epds in an attempt to create sustainable livestock and that  is precisely what  HRR Franchise 8211 brings to the auction.  We will collect this bull at the convenience of the buyer to AI heifers.

LOT 2_8211_HRR FRANCHISE 8211_3954915_rt
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