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All of our cows, whether they are registered or commercial are treated the same.  Birth weights, weaning weights, cow weights and body condition scores are taken on individual animals.  All females will be presented for AI or for embryo implant before being turned out with bulls.  Our commercial heifers will be AI'd to Hereford or Red Angus bulls.  Our ET program uses Red Angus genetics.  You will see black red carriers in our program also.  Through Heart River Genetics we are given the opportunity to flush a black Angus cow occasionianlly.  We have done this to try to expand our Red Angus gene pool with some black pedigrees.  Unfortunately, it takes a little time to get red cattle.

Our calves are not creep fed.  Cows will generally not get suppliment feed until sometime in December or when environmental conditions require it.  At weaning, the calves are started slowly until they are established on feed.  Bulls are developed slowly to maintain feet and yet acheive realistic yearling weights without giving up too much performance.  Heifers are developed on a heifer development program.


Vaccination Program: 

Birth: Calves are given Inforce 3

Branding: 5 way, 7 way and boostered with Inforce 3

Preconditioning:  Calves are vaccinated with  5 way and 7 way.  Heifer calves are bangs vaccinated and bull calves are id tagged with steel id tags.  Calves will be treated with a generic pour on at this time.  A preliminary calf wieght is taken on all calves and then the calves are sent back out to pasture with their mothers.  The bull and steer calves along their mothers are seperated from heifer calves and their mothers at this time and sent to seperate pastures.  Calves are boostered at time of seperation from their mothers.

Females:  Yearling heifers are given Preg Guard in the spring and boostered in the fall.  Cows are on a fall vaccination program. 

Pregnancy Check:  All females are pregnancy ultrasounded hopefully, by the third week of August.  Females are given their cow shots and poured at this time.  Weights are taken on all females and body condition scores are done at this time.

Bulls:  Bulls are vaccinated annually in the spring at semen test with Preg Guard.  Bulls with be pulled from cows by August 1.

Yearling Bulls:  Are semen tested and vaccinated.

DNA Testing:  Since 2012 we have committed to doing 50k testing on all replacement heifers and bulls that are sold in our annual bull sale.  Our goal is to maintain integrity on parentage of all animals and to take advantage of enhanced genomic Epd's.

Pregnancy Check and Preconditioning