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Lot 3 - HRR Franchise 8214

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This Spur Franchise of Garton son combines many traits of economic importance in a balanced approach.  His dam, HRR Lakota 115, has produced a herd sire/heifer bull for Heart River Ranch and posts an MPPA of 107.  Her ratios are as follows BW 100, 108 WW, 107 YW, 104 IMF and 104 REA.  She has one daughter in production with a 106 MPPA. Grand dam MPPA: 103.  This bull was consistently above average in his performance  and  his maternal and carcass EPDS are top shelf.  The stay EPDs on the Spur Franchise of Garton calves reflect the fact that the Black Angus registry does not record stay and thus bring no value to the equation -  we consequently bred him to cows with longevity to provide the best opportunity of genetic ability to sustain production.

LOT 3_8214_HRR FRANCHISE 8214_3954801_rt
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