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The Bull Battery

We purchased Ridge Traveler 5412 from Sandbur Red Angus in 2016.  He is a barely a 5 frame bull that is easy fleshing, deep ribbed, good footed and is an athletic, free moving bull.  We are impressed with his first calf crop and feel that he is in line with our goals.

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MLK CRK Cub 722

MLK CRK Cub 722 was purchased in 1998 from Milk Creek Reds.  He was really our foundation herd sire.  Cub was a bull that is too big in our program today but he brought outstanding feet and legs to the table.  In addition, he had a great disposition and stamped his calves with length of body and phenotype.  He sired some great bulls like Ole's Oscar, Weber Doc Holiday.  He was leased to Alta Genetics and was used extensively in Canada.

Shoco Data 102

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