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The Short Pines Ranch

In 2008, we were experiencing a drought and the opportunity came up to lease pasture on the Short Pines Ranch which is located at Harding, South Dakota.  We rented parts of this ranch for several years and in 2013 we were fortunate and honored to lease the whole ranch.

In the early years, we calved the cows in North Dakota and then moved them to the Short Pines Ranch in early May.  The cows would them come back to North Dakota in late November or December. 

We have headquartered out of the Earl Penn Ranch.  This ranch was mainly setup for sheep and we have converted it entirely to a cattle ranch.  We have used strict range management rotations in order to maximize grass production and weed control. 

We have come to love this ranch, the people that are a part of it and its unique history.  We have tried to honor the history and people who made it what it is today.