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Lot 9 - HRR PRO 9243

Birth Date: 03/02/19  Reg #: 4144962 Cat: 1A 100%

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HRR Pro 9243 is one of the top black/red carrier bulls we have ever sold.   He is super long, balanced and wide based.   We have been waiting patiently for his 10 year old dam, HRR Eileen 9159, to have a red calf but no dice.  The 9159 dam posts  ratios:  100 BW,  106 WW, 104 YW, 119 IMF, 110 REA and a 105 MPPA.  Performance and growth EPDS in the top of the breed but still keeps strong maternal in the program including a 362 day calving interval.

LOT 9_9159_9243_HRR PRO 9243_4144962 (2)
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