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Lot 8 - HRR GUNSMOKE 9327

Birth Date: 03/25/19  Reg #: 4144808 Cat: 1A 100%

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HRR Gunsmoke 9237 is a young  growth bull that puts EPDs out about as well as you could hope for;  growth, carcass and maternal bases covered here.  His young dam, HRR Lakota 430A posts a 109 MPPA and comes from the exceptional Lakota cow family.  We have flushed her dam, HRR Lakota 115 and grand dam, HRR Lakota 850 here at HRR.   His sire, MLK CRK Steward 7334 is a grandson of HRR Thunder 751, a cow we sold to Milk Creek Reds and was subsequently flushed there to produce some high performance offspring.  This bull is built like a box and is stout, thick topped and should sire good feeding steers and productive dams.

LOT 8_430_9327_HRR GUNSMOKE 9237_4144808
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