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Lot 30 - HRR ROCKSTAR 9320

Birth Date: 03/24/19  Reg #: 4144898 Cat: 1A 100%

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HRR Rockstar 9320’s dam, HRR Lakota 692, produced a calving ease bull that sold to Curt Westland in 2018.  This young cow is getting good grades on her first two tries.  The maternal grand dam, HRR Lakota 850 is a donor who produced 10 natural calves and 79 donor calves in her lifetime.   Her influence in our herd is strong - having been a calving ease dam with a top quality udder and performance .   This in combination with the Rockstar sire, he should produce some really good cows.

LOT 30_692_9320_HRR ROCK STAR9320_414489
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