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Lot 24 - HRR GUNSMOKE 9314

Birth Date: 03/22/19  Reg #: 4144778 Cat: 1A 100%

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Over half way through the sale and here  is a power bull, HRR Gunsmoke 9314, with top notch weaning performance out of his dam, HRR Blockana 2718, that has a super nice udder.  You will find the 2178A dam in the pedigree of two other bulls in the sale.   Sired by MLK CRK Steward from Milk Creek - here is a bull that ranks high for growth and carcass as well.   Dams ratiios:  93 BW, 103 WW, 101 YW with a 102 MPPA.

LOT 24_9159_9243_HRR PRO 9243_4144962 (2
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