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Lot 25 - HRR BOAZ 9408

Birth Date: 03/02/19  Reg #: 4144986 Cat: 1A 100%

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 An ET calving ease son out of Steadfast Boaz t71 and the infamous HRR Colleen 429 cow that was a donor for Jacobson and Twedt Red Angus.  This will be the last of her progeny for us. HRR Collen 429 had 9 natural progeny and 75 ET offspring .  429s ratios:  97 BW, 104 WW, 106 YW 106 IMF, 119 REA and an MPPA of 104.  This would be one to use on heifers.

LOT 25_905_9408_HRR BOAZ 9408_4144986 (5
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