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Lot 5 - HRR Max 8306

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This lot starts a  group of ET calves out of a Canadian bred bull and a Canadian bred cow so the respective EPDS for these bulls are based on their parents Canadian EPDS which are on a different scale than the RAAA.  If you study these bulls you will find they performed above their EPDS and in many cases above their contemporaries.  More importantly this is a mating that is very consistent.  The Red Flying K Max 159Y cattle in Canada are known for their daughters and this dam, Red Bar-E-L Bull Meg 985W has a multitude of ancestors recognized for their maternal traits.  This is a mating designed for maternal with HB, Stay, and ME in both the dam and sire at the top of the breed.  The phenotype of this mating is as consistent as any group of ET brothers we have bred in soundness, performance, type and leg structure.    If you are looking for outcross bulls, this would be something new from Heart River Ranch. HRR Max 8306 is a bull that topped the pen in gain and yearling weight and yet ranks among the breeds best for  HB, DMI, ME, HPG and Stay.   Precisely what you need in a minimal input environment. 

LOT 5_8306_HRR MAX 8306_3955179_rt_crop_
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