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Lot 19 - HRR EXPRESS 9209

Birth Date: 02/20//19  Reg #: 4144934 Cat: 1A 100%

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Here is a sleep all night heifer bull, HRR Mater 9209 that taps into two of the strongest cow families at HRR.  The sire, HRR Express 5142, is a heifer clean up bull that we retained a few years ago that sires low birth and above average growth.   The heifers from this bull should have great udders with the cow families represented and also because he is double bred back to MLK CRK Express 9127.  To top it off, he is a moderate , neatly made bull with uniform depth and a nice profile.

LOT 19_750_9209_HRR MATER 9209_4144934_r
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