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LOT 81

The commercial Red Angus Bred heifers are coming to this sale from Frankie and Katie Dillman. After lots of consideration and going through a drought, Frankie and Katie decided to sell some of their home raised commercial bred heifers. It was not an easy decision to sell these females. Frankie and Katie have strived to advance the quality of their commercial Red Angus herd by raising females that have good dispositions are moderate in frame, easy fleshing while keeping an eye on feet and legs. The cattle must be able to withstand the tough terrain of the badlands, otherwise Mother Nature will do her job and cull cattle.

These heifers ran in a group of 90 head in Medora during the breeding season last summer. All the heifers in this group were AI'd and exposed- to Heart River Ranch cleanup bulls, who are all sons of HRR Express 5142. The bulls were pulled at 42 days. Frankie and Katie are selling on the second cycle bred heifers. The heifers will be weighing between 1000 to 1100 pounds. Weights will be taken and available sale day.


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