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2016 Production Sale Reference Sires

Steadfast Boaz T71


We sampled Boaz a couple years ago and came to use him again after we saw his daughters' production capacity. Boaz is an udder improver with the ability of his daughters to wean off a high percent of their body weight. They were also very feminine with adequate depth of rib. Combined with ranking in the top 15% of the breed for CED, BW and Stay and acceptable performance and correct feet and legs we have been pleased with what he has added to the herd. Find more info at

Feddes Montana X44


Feddes Montana is a very complete performance sire with a balanced EPD profile. X44 sires thickness and is in the top 5% of the breed for REA. His calves have a ton of muscle and were also top gainers.

5L Legend 1553-452V

5L Legend is a herd sire that we believe will prove his value in time.  His offspring stand out in phenotype, capacity and performance and his daughters are very productive attractive cows.  The Legend  progeny have performed right with,  if not above,  bulls with higher EPD profiles in our experience.  You will like their deep dark red color, depth of rib and performance.

Mushrush Impressive

Impressive is another balanced EPD bull with EPDS in the top 30% or better for HB, GM, BW, HPG, Stay, MARB, and REA.   He traces back to a number of highly maternal cattle in the Red Angus breed.  Progeny are dark red, moderate in frame and very functional.

HRR Raymond 975


Red Crowfoot Moonshine 8081U


Crowfoot Moonshine is a new bull in our sire lineup that we selected based on the high performance offspring he was producing in Canada .  He subsequently sold to Genex and then was lost with little semen available.  We had a high percentage of daughters this year and they stood out at weaning and continue to look promising.   We are told the daughters have correct feet and legs, great structure and make terrific brood cows.  The sons put together performance, attractive phenotype and are very complete.

5L Norseman King 2291
5L Advocate 817-14W
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