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The Short Pines Ranch Fire

This fire started on Saturday March 28, 2015




Buildings behind the house above looking West.

Title. Double click me.

Photo's taken SE of Sheeps Draw

Black Hawk Helicopter

The windbreak and fence in the background is where we keep odd's and end cattle.

This is the back burn on the west side of the Harding Road that saved a lot of country from burning, if this burn would not have been made late in the day Sunday.  On Monday at 11 am the wind pushed the fire out of the forest with 30+ mph winds right into this burn.  The help of neighbors, local fire departments, neighboring fire departments as well as the professional wildfire firefighters was unbelievable and impressive.


Three backfires being lit...

The road that goes through our spring pasture.

September 20, 2015

Fire regrowth

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