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Fritz Justice 8013

Reg. No.: 1255322

+ Justice was one of the featured and high selling bulls at the Fritz Red Angus Bull Sale, Brady. MT.
+ Justice offers an outcross. calving ease pedigree. He ranks in the top 10% for CEO at + 10 and has a BW EPO of -0.3 with an actual birth weight of 74 pounds (97 ratio).
+ He ratioed 110 for weaning and yearling weight and earned EPOs that rank in the top 25% for WW and 15% for YW.
+ His dam was a first calf heifer with a MPPA of 104. She is a low birth weight female who recorded an actual birth weight of 74 pounds (91 ratio) and has a BW EPO of -2.2 ranking in the top 15%. She also brings marbling genetics to the table with a MARB EPD of +0.20 to rank in the top 10%.
+Justice is owned by Fritz Red Angus and Green Mountain Red Angus, MT, and Accelerated Genetics, WI,


C-T Grand Statement 1025

Reg. No: 1365711

  • Performance, Pedigree and Presence

  • Moderate 5.5 frame with muscle, capacity and eye appeal

  • Backed by an outstanding cow family - dam has MPPA of 104, granddam's MPPA is 102

  • Outstanding individual performance - 98 BR, 110 WR, 118 YR, 107 IMF and 104 REA

  • Added performance at weaning, yearling, and on the rail

  • Carcass quality improver, ranks in the top 5% of the breed for MARB

HRR Freyja 308

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