Lot 2



HRR Final Approach 0305 is a rare genetic find for the Red Angus breed with a pedigree of tried and proven ancestors. Originating from the renown SAV Madame Pride 0075 – dam of SAV America - the gold standard in the Angus breed – and the ever-popular SAV Final Answer 0035, combined with the Shoco Data 102 – the paternal sire of herd building red angus dams. 0305 validates that proven genetics never get old. Looking the part of a herd bull all summer, HRR Final Approach 305 was the top weaning and yearling weight bull coming out of our ET program. He ranks in the top or the breed in most of the growth and carcass traits while maintaining a top 8% Herdbuilder ranking. Phenotypically solid with a wide stance, depth from corner to corner and fluid movement, 0305 brings a total package of genetic opportunity to the most discriminating breeder. HRR will retain a half interest to use 0305 in our AI program.