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LOT 47



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HRR General Franchise 0332 comes from a flush of his powerful, homozygous black dam, SSAF 167 Barbara 307 and the black-red carrier, Spur Franchise of Garton. He is a powerhouse of a bull that is a black-red carrier and will provide extra mass and rib to a set of calves. He has a great disposition along with length, mass, and volume. His outstanding genomic profile ranks him in the top 3% ProS, 2% GM, 6% WW, 5% YW, 7% ADG, 6% CEM, 11%, Marb, 13% YG, and 1% REA. This Top Dollar qualified bull has the carcass EPDs to match his 1955# current weight.


SSAF 167 Barbara 307

013_HRR BLOCKANA 013_1398270_2018.jpg
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