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LOT 27

HRR RAD 1204


Lot 1 EPD.jpg

HRR Rad 1204 is a dark red, smooth made bull came from a cow, 1MJM Lexi 904, that we purchased as a heifer from the Montana Junior Red Angus member McKenzie Mork at the NILE. This cow goes back to a bull, HRR Express 5161 that we bred and sold as our high selling bull in 2016 to Redland Red Angus. He started at 68 pounds and ratioed 106 at Weaning and 102 at Yearling. I would say she did pretty well for her first go round and a heifer bull to boot - he looks the type to make calving easy.


Dam Photo Not Available

013_HRR BLOCKANA 013_1398270_2018.jpg
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