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HRR ZEPPELIN 1208 is the last natural calf out of HRR Blockana 013, one of our favorite donor cows. His phenotypic outline is hard to miss with his added length, straight top, deep rib and overall muscle. I don’t know if we have raised one as complete as HRR ZEPPELIN 1208. His dam was badly injured last spring so she came home and was put into our et program. This calf consequently was taken out of the contemporary group - given the change in environment - but HRR Blockana 013, given her injury, did a heck of a job raising this calf. He continued to develop well post weaning as well with a 2.96 ADG. This is a moderate framed bull that should add style and length into his offspring and pass on the maternal value of his dam. High marks in the epds for Herdbuilder, milk, and stay. Herd Bull Prospect.


HRR Blockana 013

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